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Alex Bottle
12oz insulated tumbler

$34.99 USD
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Free shipping on orders over $70
This item is available for preorder and is estimated to ship in early January.

The 12oz ALEX insulated tumbler with a push-in, spill-proof lid keeps your drinks hot for 3 hours or cold for 8 hours. With a durable powder paint finish and silicone sleeve on the lower half, your ALEX will stay looking fresh while feeling incredible in your hands. From your cafe latte to your Happy Hour happenings, ALEX has you covered. Your favorite wine just met its favorite pairing. 

  • 12oz / 354mL
  • 3 hours hot / 8 hours cold (with lid on)
  • Splash-Proof Push-In Lid
  • Durable Powder Paint
  • Wide-Mouth For Easy Cleaning
  • Dishwasher Safe (Top Rack)
  • BPA Free Premium 304 Stainless Steel
  • Happy Hands Grip
  • Coffee, Kombucha, Wine and Cocktail friendly


How do I unpack my Alex Bottle?
Grab the upper half of the bottle with one hand. With the other hand, grab the area that has ALEX's seal on it (it's shiny stainless steel and should have a black O-Ring on it). Twist the upper half to the right, and the lower part to the left until the lower body is able to slide out of the upper half. Give your bottle a good rinse. Little soap, little water, little sponge. Check to make sure ALEX's seal (the black o-ring) is still on the lower half of your bottle. ALEX's seal is removable so you can clean under it, but just always make sure it's on before you close your bottle. (like after dishwashing ALEX or if you have ALEX compacted in your backpack while camping...or if you use the ALEX's seal as an impromptu hair tie). After you ensure the seal is on the lower half of ALEX, screw the bottle together nice and tight. Give it a good twist so you know it's shut. Fill ALEX over the sink. If any water leaks out, then just give it a bit more of a twist to seal it up. Drink up over and over again.
What is clean seam technology, a.k.a CST?
CLEAN SEAM TECHNOLOGY™ (CST) is our patent pending technology that makes ALEX cleanable, compactable and customizable. CST allows you to open ALEX up at the middle of the bottle so you can easily clean the inside of your bottle out in seconds. Either toss ALEX in the dishwasher or quickly wash by hand. To compact ALEX to half its size, simply open, invert the bottom half and slide it up inside the upper half. The threads work in reverse so just twist it slightly when nested and it screws securely in place. CLEAN SEAM TECHNOLOGY™ gives you more options so you can extend the lifetime of your reusable water bottle.
Why should I buy an Alex Bottle over other reusable bottles?
For the same reason we designed ALEX and CLEAN SEAM TECHNOLOGY™ (CST) to begin with. We couldn’t clean our bottles easily or confidently. Most reusable water bottles require special brushes or cleaning tablets to clean them. They stay dirty, build up with unhealthy bacteria, and start to smelly really nasty. Ultimately you’ll end up throwing it in the recycle bin, or worse, the trash. With our CST you simply open ALEX up and toss in the dishwasher or quickly hand wash it. Confidently put water, smoothies, or powdered drinks in ALEX and know you can clean them out.

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